Why was money taken out of my account when I can't cash out?

We know it's a pain, but there's a reason we can retrieve money before we can let you cash out more.

In short, we have to use a different system to pull money out of your account than we do to send money to your account.

In order to retrieve the money that you took out with us, we only need your bank account info. This process tends to go smoothly because it's super simple.

When we add money to your bank, though, we need to be sure:

  1. Your bank account is still active
  2. Your employer is still sending paychecks to this account

The good news is, we can get all of this info just by seeing your recent bank transactions. Unfortunately, some banks don't send us recent transactions very quickly. Which means, there's a delay. We'll update your account as soon as your bank sends us that info. 

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