Bank Connection Issues

We've recently been seeing bank connection errors with some banks. We are working with our third party bank data provider (Plaid) as quickly as possible to fix these. In the meantime, try the troubleshooting steps below to fix your account:

Note: Before you try anything else, please upgrade to the latest version of the app. 


Error message: Update bank login info

What it means: We're getting a message from your bank that the username and/or password you entered in the Activehours app during bank setup is no longer connected.

What to do: Please re-enter your bank info in the Activehours app. Some tips:

  • Avoid copy/pasting
  • Click on the eye icon next to password to view it while you type
  • Passwords are case-sensitive - check your caps lock
  • Watch out for any extra spaces
  • Be careful when switching between regular and special characters

Further troubleshooting: If you’ve re-entered your login info a few times, and it still isn’t working, try changing the password with your bank, and then update the bank username and password in the Activehours app.


Error message: Clear bank alerts

What it means: There are notifications in your bank that need to be cleared before we can connect to it.

What to do:

  1. Go to your bank’s website on a desktop web browser (mobile won’t work) and log in
  2. Clear any alerts that you see in your account (such as offers for credit cards, a reminder to update your password, or any pop-up that you see)
  3. Navigate to your transactions page, and make sure you can see your account activity
  4. Navigate to your settings page and make sure you can see all of your settings
  5. come back to the Activehours and re-enter your bank login info one more time - we should now be able to connect.


Error message: Unsupported security authentication

What it means: Your bank notified us that they require a special form of authentication that unfortunately isn’t supported by the Activehours app. This might be something like a code they text to you, or a visual prompt with some letters that you have to enter into a special field.

What to do: 

  1. Log in to your bank account and disable any special security settings, or call your bank to request that they disable them for you
  2. Come back to the Activehours app and try re-entering your bank login info

If the special setting was removed, we should be able to successfully connect to your bank.


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