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How do I set up my Activehours account?

The easiest way to sign up for Activehours is to download the mobile app to your iPhone or Android device. After you add your email address and create a password, Activehours will verify your bank info and set up your payroll.


How does Activehours know I went to work?

Hourly employees

If your employer tracks your hours using an electronic timesheet, Activehours will need to see a picture of your electronic timesheet.

Just log in to the Activehours app and select "Add Timesheet" on the home screen. Take a photo of your timesheet while viewing it on a computer or electronic punch clock screen.

Make sure your timesheet photo includes:
  1. Your name
  2. Daily hours worked (daily total or clock in/out times)
  3. Dates from the current pay period

Select "Use it" to upload the photo to your account.

Salary employees

If you are a salaried worker or you use paper timesheets, you won't need to add a timesheet. We track your hours automatically. Just remember to keep your Activehours app permissions on.


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