How does Activehours make money?

We’ve heard it over and over again, “It’s too good to be true. This has to be a scam. Otherwise, how does Activehours make money?”

At Activehours, we believe money should work better for everyone. When it comes to making a profit, that means flipping the traditional model on its head. Instead of charging fees or interest, we ask our community to help support us by paying what they think is fair when they use the app.

A long time ago, everyone accepted that companies should have the power to set prices. We believe that’s bonk. When the customer has the opportunity to set the price, they are given the power to support products that help them the most. By giving us a tip, our customers are helping to ensure that we’ll be around the next time they need us. This creates a much more healthy relationship.

Knowing that our community is relying on us and that we’re relying on our community, creates a balance that drives us to continue to innovate on new products and create solutions for the people who support us. So often, companies exploit the privilege of setting prices in order to get rich at the expense of the people they ought to have been serving. This is especially true in financial services. Banks, for example, are costing people $30 billion in overdraft fees every year.

That kind of business model is creating huge divides and a future we want no part of. Instead, we’re creating a world more like the one we want to live in: one where people do good for the sake of each other where businesses create products that help people.

So, Activehours makes money through the support of our community members who inspire us every day. If you like what we’re doing, join the community and help support the payday revolution.

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