How much of my pay can I get per day with Activehours?

You can request up to $100 per day up to your pay period Max. Customers start off with a pay period Max of $100, and over time may see temporary increases up to $500, depending on their financial health and app use.

Maxes allow us to provide our services to as many customers as possible while we continue to grow. We’re hoping that eventually everyone can get as much of their pay as possible. Until then, the best way to prepare for an increase would be to continue using the app as much as you need, keeping your bank balance positive, and paying whatever you feel is fair.

Want access to your full paycheck? Your company can partner with Activehours to give you more benefits. Tweet at your company and let them know you want to change the way you get paid.

@(company twitter handle) I work for you. Please reach out to @Activehours! They can help all our employees #paydayrevolution

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