How do I create an account and what are the verification steps?

To create an account, download the Activehours app to your iPhone or Android device. After you add your email address and create a password, we'll:

  1. verify your bank info
  2. verify your pay schedule
  3. approve your work address (for customers who commute to a fixed work location) 

Your account will typically be ready to use in 1-2 business days. If it takes longer, contact support using the help button in the app or on the login screen. We can help you out!

You'll be all set to cash out your paycheck when you see your earnings available in the app. If you added your work address during signup, you'll see your earnings update automatically. Alternatively, you can add earnings by uploading a photo of your work timesheet. For more info on uploading a timesheet, check here.

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