How does Activehours work?

The Activehours app uses technology to make getting your paycheck simple, fast, and fair. 

  1. Download the app.
  2. Connect your bank. This lets us verify your pay cycle and send you money.
  3. Add your timesheet to show us the hours you've worked.
  4. Cash out your paycheck when you want.

With Lightning Speed, your money is in your account immediately. If your bank doesn't qualify for Lightning Speed, you money will hit your bank account in one business day. 

On payday, when your usual paycheck hits your bank account, we automatically take back the amount we gave you. Since we don't work directly with your employer, we don't receive your paycheck from them. Instead, we debit the money directly from your bank account. Keep in mind, we don't charge interest or fees. So, the amount we debit will only be the amount you've taken since your last payday, plus any amount you've chosen to tip us on your cash outs. 

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