Why does the Activehours app say that you were unable to confirm that my last paycheck posted?

The quick version: 

It's complicated. Banks suck. It should resolve itself by the end of the day. If you're in a rush, send us a screenshot of your direct deposit and we'll fix you up!

The full story:

If you're getting a notification that says Activehours is unable to confirm that your paycheck posted, you're probably thinking, "Are you serious? You guys already debited my account. You obviously know I got paid!"

The truth is, we don't.

We automatically set up our system to debit your account on your usual payday. Just because we debited, doesn't mean you got your paycheck. It just means that there was enough money in your account for the debits to go through. In order to give you more money this week, we need to verify, not only that you paid us, but that you're still employed. Debiting your account only clears up that first one. Seeing your actual paycheck in your account is how we verify that second part.

So, now, you're thinking, "But why can't you see my paycheck. I can see my paycheck. It's in there, I swear."

Sigh. Yea. We have to wait for your bank has to send us your transactions. And your bank doesn't do that until later in the day because they don't feel the need to speed that process up. 

We hate this. Like, fists of fury, screaming into our pillows hate.

But we can't change this without your help. If bank customers give their banks shit about this, the banks will have to give us your info faster. So, if you enjoy expressing yourself on social media, please, tell your bank this or something like it:

  • @yourbank send transaction info in real time to third party apps like @activehours. They're trying to help me & you're getting in the way 

And tell your friends to tell their banks. Banks don't want to make this change because apps that help people manage their finances better are also helping people to avoid a lot of bank fees. And guess how banks make money. Yup, all those fees. Sooooo, it will take a huge amount of public pressure to make this change. 

IN THE MEANTIME, your bank should send us your info by the end of the day and then you'll be set to cash out again. 

If you need money immediately, use the help button in the app to send us a screenshot of your paycheck direct deposit transaction when it hits your bank account. Be sure to include your account number in the image. That way, we can manually confirm your last paycheck for you.


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